Seeing people wearing the shoes we made and thinking it’s the right ones, is one of the magic moments for a shoe maker.

Starting Point

The starting Point of our design is usually from when we see the sparks in people or characters from the movie. The design will, then, present and reflect the personality of those who wear them. The Sparrow, for example, This collection has been named after a movie character, Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirate of The Caribbean, a legendary pirate of the Seven Seas. Captain Jack is clearly weirdo but undeniably one of a kind. So, we brought the Granny Knot symbol to the sparrow which implies unique and bold charisma.


After sketching, it’s time to select material. Not every kind of leather or decoration is right for eash design In order to get the right one, we always have to feel it, smell it and understand its character. Then, here comes the perfect combination.

Pattern Maker

Communicating with the pattern maker is not always the easiest part. In one way or another, we think that the relationship between designer and pattern maker could be similar to a marriage. Not only do we have to find ‘the one’, but aslo we have to find the one who is willing to grow together and share the same vision and mindset.


There are many invisible processes before a pair of shoes is put on the shelf in the store. The period of testing the prototypes will run for days, sometimes months before they are ready to be part of people’s lives.

For KHUNN, it's probably not shoes, in general, that we fall in love with. it is how much happiness we realised that a nice pair of shoes can bring to the world. This is definitely something that keeps pushing us through this unknown path.