At KHUNN, we want to support the sustainability within the community. That’s why all our suppliers are local.

Not only because we couldn’t be more proud of Thailand’s craftsmanship, but we also know that it’s crucial to keep the heart of the community going. To create local emploment as well as preserve national asoe making skills is the vision of our world. That’s one of the most noble and exciting commitments for us.

It is essential for us that our customers feel much love from KHUNN through shoes they wear everyday. Having been onboth sides of the story, the user and the maker, we know what it’s like to feel valued.

All KHUNN’s products are of sustainable materrial imported from our supplier who have met a new requirement of Chrome VI legislation. It is considered as the global benchmark for quality and integrity of Chromium tanned leather. Our products, processes, and systems are compliant with international standards and regulations. In a way, you are in good care. By choosing our suppliers who commit to their belief, we strive to build a better world.

Take our world for it, we sincerely create high-quality leather crafts that are to meet your highest expectations as though they are tailored just for you. We take the time to seek out the best of materials, the most virtuous of suppliers and the most personal design to stand the test of time. We promise you.