Unlike typical moccasin shoes, SPARROW, the first ever collection from KHUNN, has a unique knot element on the top of the shoes. The Granny Knot represents an inseparable relationship of faith and human. In order to create this signature knot, 2 ropes are required. One of them represents faith, the other represents humans. In terms of characteristic point of view, the energy of the design is inspired by a well-known character in Pirate of the Carribean, Captain Jack Sparrow. This Granny Knot is the main technique representing a strong and unique mind of both Jack Sparrow and the shoe users themself. There are more than 10 different choices of colour to mix and match with their unique styles.


When the design is classic, it’ll never be out of trends. Our NAVY collection is serving this kind of classic. Inspired by the royal navy, the calmness over the unstable great blue ocean is a good example of our classic royal collection. Apart from the look, it’s not from KHUNN if the product doesn’t have the comfort concerns. NAVY Collection is made from genuine leather from chamois from Hitoke, Japan which gives that soft and luxurious touch.


It might be not too difficult to guess what inspired our collection ROBINHOOD, apart from the Robinood themself. The character that caught our designer’s attention would not go further from this legendary heroic outlaw who is ready to face any injustice for people. KHUNN’s ROBINHOOD offers 3 choices of colours, produced from high quality genuine suede.


WISMAN, straightforwardly, means wise people. The collection is simply representing this idea. The Wizards is the symbol of people with magic as well as ‘wisdom’ in the film series of three epic fantasy adventure films, The Lord of the Rings. There are a total of 4 shades of colours produced from oil pull up leather which makes the product durable, at the same time, it reflects  the sense of smart and well thought of the wearers. With the strong look, WISEMAN collection still remains KHUNN’s softness trademark.


The starting point of the model is when the designer desired to create a fun and modern look, yet charmingly classic. The immediate thoughts in terms of the vibe is one of the most loved singers, Ricky Martin. Speaking of popularity, RICKY collection is one of KHUNN’s most well-liked designs. The selling point of RICKY is the opened heels which gives this oil pull up leather some senses of casualness for different occasions.


KHUNN’s EDWARD is a collection of short boots from genuine suede. It gives a little mysterious charm for the user just like Edward Cullen, the coolest yet hottest vampire from Twilight series.


PARKER collection began with the idea of the adventurous mind inside metropolitan people. The designer wanted to create a collection that reflects this thought. What if we create shoes that make people feel like they are always in an unrevealed adventure while wearing them – just like when Peter Parker, the superhero from Spiderman always has his superhero suit covered by ordinary clothes. The collection is for people who would like to make an ordinary day become a city adventure. The extra little gimmick that our designer gave to this collection to represent the superhero is the hand knitted leather which looks like a horizontally weaving spider web.


TROY is our classic casual leather flip flops collection. It is suitable for those who are finding the balance of modern, easy-going and stylish looks. Inspired by Gladiator shoes in the movie Troy, there are adjustable handmade leather stripes which come in 2 tones of colors.


STARK is a collection for professional occasion. It has been made from genuine Hitoke’s chamois. which gives that soft and luxurious touch from grass-fed cow! There is KHUNN’s signature Granny Knot at the front. STARK is suitable for those who are looking to have a professional, smart yet masculine look. The look and feel of this collection were inspired by Tony Stark. There are 2 choices of colour: Black Knight and Dark Choc.