“My inspiration always started with people.” said Patt, co-founder and designer of KHUNN.  “There is something unique in people that always sparks me”

It is essential for us that our customers feel much love from KHUNN throung shoes they wear everyday. Having been on both sides of the story, the user and the maker, we know what it’s like to feel valued.

In order to continue growing, we listen to what people have to say about our products. There is always room for improvement. We saw the opportunity to develop our products and knowledge when some customers sometimes came back with questions or suggestions about the shoes thay’ve chosen

We appreciate honesty and are more excited to know what situation you are having and how to make it even better. As a result, there is nothing more satisfying for us than seeing a customer feel the joy of life and perfection while wearing KHUNN’s products.

We highly believe that there shall be nothing standing between you and your beloved shoes – not even the weather, your distinctive lifestyle nor the gender binary of society. And it’s our job to make sure that your favorite shoes are ready to help you with your daily challenges. KHUNN’s crafts complement any style and skin.