01. Shoe horns

‘A shoe horn helps your day start with ease’

It’s not only about putting shoes on with style, using shoe horns can help leather shoes last longer as they will relieve heavy contacts onto the heel

Fun Facts From KHUNN

  • Most often used shoe horns these days are usually made of metal, plastic and wood. Originally, they were made from animal horns, hooves, or glass
  • In the late Middle Ages, where shoe horns appear to have originated, they would be engraved on luxury materials such as ivory, shell, silver, or bone

02. Horsehair Bristles

‘Classic way to groom suede shoes’

The main ideas of suede shoe brushing are to remove the dirt which has built up on the shoe and maintain a polished look.

Tips from KHUNN

  • Start from the middle, then brush to the side of the shoe. Always keep brushing in the same direction, think of it as vacuuming a carpet.

03. Shoe Trees

‘May your pair of shoes have great shape, as well as good smell’

Your feet sweat while wearing shoes, regardless of whether you think they sweat a lot or a little. Wooden shoe trees do an incredible job of getting moisture out of the shoes. At the same time, they will absolutely help the shoes keep in good form.

Tips from KHUNN

  • Shoe trees that are made from wood like cedar is will likely to leave behind some aromatic cedar smells
  • After a long day of wearing your shoes, put a shoe trees for overnight, we recommend for at least 6-8 hours