Our Exchange Conditions


You can exchange the product free of charge 1 time (please fill out your information in the exchange card) Read more in the exchange process


You can exchange the product for the following reasons :

– The product is a faulty product / wrong size / wrong color /wrong model.
– You do not like the color or model you have received
– You could not wear it (because it is too loose / tight).


You cannot change the product. In case you have already used the product, or if you have caused the product to be reprimanded.


The order can only be exchanged within 7 days after you have been received the product.


We will arrange the replacement within 7 days after receiving the parcel you wish to change.


We will only process the replacement for you if you have fill in the exchange card completely only.


If you wish to change the product for the second time

(in this case, you will have to pay the replacement fee first, amount 100 baht/time), you can contact the staff at Line @ : @khunn for further instructions or contact 02-1029630.

For the procedure for changing product


Please pack the product you want to change to the original box.


Fill in the details in the change of goods and please attach the exchange card to the package.


Please return the package to the following address:

Receiver : Khunparn Co., Ltd.

Address : 35/145 Soi Samakkhi 58/20, Tha Sai, Mueang Nonthaburi, Nonthaburi 11000

Tel: 02-1029630

What is our refunds policy?

We reserves the right to refund in all cases except once the order is ready to be paid for, the shop cannot deliver the goods.

What is our Cancel Order policy?

Once the order has been placed, it could not be cancel.

For Privacy Policy The Thai Personal Data Protection Act,

http://www.khunnofficial.com, has created this Privacy Policy to protect the personal information of all users who contact khunnofficial.com's website as follows:

Using Personal Data:


khunnofficial.com will only use your personal data as necessary, such as your name, address, date of birth, contact number, and email address to contact, provide services, public relations or send you promotional information, as well as to explore your opinions on khunnofficial.com's business or activities. Your data will be stored in our system for a period of 5 years.


khunnofficial.com here is a guarantee that your personal data collected by khunnofficial.com will not be sold or available to third parties unless authorized by you.


In the event khunnofficial.com, hire another agency to process your personal data, such as postal parcel delivery. Statistical analysis in the business or activities of khunnofficial.com, khunnofficial.com requires the employed entity to do so. Keep the confidentiality and security of your personal data and impose a prohibition on the use of such personal data other than the activities or affairs of khunnofficial.com

Right to control your personal data :

For the sake of maintaining your privacy. You have the right to use or share your personal data, or you may choose not to receive any information or marketing materials from khunnofficial.com by simply entering such request to notify khunnofficial.com in writing or by email address.

Security for personal information

khunnofficial.com establishes regulations within the agency to determine the right to access or use your personal data, and to maintain the confidentiality and security of certain sensitive information such as credit card numbers, etc. khunnofficial.com provides a secure communication channel for such information by entering. The code is confidential.

The use of cookies :

``Cookies`` is information that khunnofficial.com sends to the user's web browser. If a ``cookie`` is used, the website (of the agency) will be able to record or remember the user's information until the User leaves the search program through the Website or until the User deletes the ``Cookie`` or does not allow the ``Cookie`` to continue working. If you choose to use cookies, you will be more comfortable browsing because khunnofficial.com ``cookies`` will help you remember websites you visit, khunnofficial.com visit or khunnofficial.com recite.

Privacy Policy Update

Any update to khunnofficial.com May update or amend the Privacy Policy without prior notice to you for the appropriate and effective use of the Services. As khunnofficial.com, it is recommended that users read the Privacy Policy every time they visit or visit or use the Service from the (agency) website.

Compliance with privacy policy and contact with khunnofficial.com

In the event that you khunnofficial.com have any questions, suggestions or comments regarding this Privacy Policy or compliance with this Privacy Policy, khunnofficial.com will be happy to respond to any questions, suggestions and feedback that will be useful for further improvements to khunnofficial.com's services. You can contact khunnofficial.com as shown below :